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Visitors Management System (Hajib)...

What is Hajib system?

It is an integrated system for managing the issuance of security permits that does the following:

• Issuing security permits to authorized persons.
• Managing basic permit operations, including renewing, suspending, blocking, reactivating permits, and issuing replacements for lost or damaged permits.
• Recording the bio properties characteristics of authorized persons to grant them access through biometrics.
• Monitor key events through an instant dashboard.
• Save permit application data and their attachments in an easy-to-retrieve manner.
• Designing people’s cards in multiple shapes and designs according to the types of permits required.
• Designing a permits record to control mandatory and optional fields according to the type of permit.
• Issuing reports for permits and entry and exit movements.

The most important features of the system:

• A user interface in multiple languages and supports Hijri and Gregorian dates.
• Approvals workflow for issuing permits.
• Gates supported by biometrics identification.
• Permit design tool.
• Managing security gates and allowing or preventing entry using mobile devices.
• Multiple types of permits
• Prevent any permit from entering.
• Use a camera to photograph applicants.
• Export reports in PDF / Excel.
• A dashboard that reflects live readings of permit data.
• Add attachments to the profile of all permit holders.
• User permissions managment.